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Supported childs pose

I started my yoga path at age fifteen, attending a yoga class opposite the local youth club. I then had an on/off relationship with yoga(mostly off!) until 2005 when a neck injury took me to an osteopath who recommended a regular yoga practice.

Regular yoga practice was the most effective pain relief, however once pain free, I continued to experience the wider benefits of yoga, such as gaining confidence in my body, trusting in myself and also as an antidote to a stressful job. As I developed my practice and experience in yoga, I discovered that I was keen to share its vast benefits, which led me to embark on a broad and deep learning curve into yoga. Apart from aiding a physical strength, flexibility and health, for me yoga is about using the movement and stability in the body to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.


Seated yoga pose

I started training to be a yoga instructor in 2013 and continue to develop my knowledge and teaching skills with regular advanced training. I am a Yoga Alliance accredited Hatha Yoga Teacher who has trained with Senior Teacher Laura Gilmore at Bristol School of Yoga. Since becoming a yoga teacher, I have spent time practicing yoga in Nepal and in India, broadening my understanding of the yoga tradition. 


I teach classic hatha yoga poses, often combined with movement with the breath. Each class is different and each includes and focusses on postures (asanas) alongside breath-work and relaxation. I teach in a light-hearted way and have the technical ability to explain postures fully so that each person can experience the poses in the best way for them. My yoga classes are suitable for all abilities, accessible for beginners and yet challenging for those improving their practice. I am particularly interested in sharing yoga with people who have not previously practiced it, in order to support them to build confidence, awareness and achieve deeper relaxation

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